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10 Ways to Fight Burnout

May 24th, 2016
fight against burnout

If you recognize many of the symptoms we listed in the previous part in yourself, don’t worry. Fighting burnout is a simple matter of self-care. The following will help you to accomplish this.

1. Disconnect

Disconnecting is the most important burnout strategy on this list, because if you can’t find time to remove yourself electronically from your work, then you’ve never really left work. Making yourself available to your work 24/7 exposes you to a constant barrage of stressors.

2. Pay attention to your body signals

Burnout manifests in your body, so learn to pay attention to your body’s signals so that you can nip burnout in the bud. Your body is always talking, but you have to listen. Aches and pains are often an accumulation of stress and anxiety.

3. Schedule relaxation 

It’s just as important to plan out your relaxation time as it is to plan out when you work. Even scheduling something as simple as “read for 30 minutes” benefits you greatly.

4. Stay away from sleeping pills

Whether it's alcohol, Valium or what you have, these substances greatly disrupt your brain's natural sleep process. Anything that interferes with the brain's natural sleep process has dire consequences for the quality of your sleep.

5. Get organized

Much of the stress we experience on a daily basis doesn’t stem from having too much work; it stems from being too disorganized to handle the work effectively.

6. Take regular breaks during the workday

If you wait until you feel tired to take a break, it’s too late -- you’ve already missed the window of peak productivity and fatigued yourself unnecessarily in the process.

7. Lean on your support system

Family and friends are capable of helping you. Spending time with people who care about you helps you to remove yourself from the stresses of work and reminds you to live a little and have fun.

Bringing It All Together

If these strategies don't work for you, then the problem might be your job. The wrong job can cause burnout in and of itself. In that case you'll have to decide what's more important: your work or your health.




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