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The Corvin Technology Park is in Structural Phase

Feb 26th, 2019
Corvin Technology Park

The Corvin Technology Park office building is now in structural phrase. This facility will not only be classified as one of the most modern complexes in Budapest, but will also showcase the most environmentally friendly solutions. The total leasable area of Corvin offices in one of Budapest's most admired districts is increasing to 100.000 square meters.

The 27.000 square meter, two-stage Corvin Technology Park is located on the eastern side of the Corvin Quarter, next to the Nokia Skypark office building. The designers have planned a building that fits into the Corvin Quarter's existing buildings, but also displays individual features.

The hollow architecture of the street facades of the building is created with a plaster system operating in two planes, which gives a braid structure to these surfaces. The multipor (special thermal insulation system) creates a smooth surface that gives precise edges. These blocks are divided by a thousand square meter glass wall above the entrance lobbies, which will double the entire inner courtyard as a mirror in the parapet glass elements. The future winner of the statue competition by the Futureal Group and the Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem (Hungarian University of Fine Arts) will be in the courtyard, which has received 22 quality entries. The winner of the four finalists will contribute to the mood of the promenade and at the same time entertain the passers-by in a unique and interactive way. The complex will create an elegant and spectacular space between the promenade and Szigony Street.

This spring, the first 14.200 square meters of Corvin Technology Park is expected to be completed, while the second part with a leasable area of 12.800 square meters is planned to be completed in the fall. For the purchase of the office complex, the OTP PRIME Real Estate Fund has already concluded a contract with the Futureal Group.

The A-class office building has not only obtained the BREAAM Very Good sustainability certificate, as the building has also been awarded the pre-qualification of the International WELL Building Institute Platinum, which recognizes aspects that have a positive effect on the health and well-being of workers in the design of buildings. The air quality in the building is higher than the average due to a strict air-conditioning system. Drinking water has even better quality and meets the requirements of the WELL and is regularly checked. The accessibility of the complex is designed to be much stricter than the countries regulations, in fact it is in accordance with international accessibility standards, comfortable acoustic features, artwork, and nature-friendly solutions welcoming the future employees.

Heat recovery mechanical systems, roof terraces, solar collectors, indoor gardens, bicycle storage, bicycle showers, electric car chargers and water-saving sanitary ware will also be available. In addition the designers made extra effort to meet the standards of the digital era and the company’s expectations. Systems for uninterrupted operation, high electrical capacity and two-sided independent electric power supply will serve the undisturbed work at the complex.

The city square in front of the office will be waiting for passers-by with fountains, sculptures and rest areas. The complex is surrounded by Corvin Quarter, the largest urban rehabilitation investment in Central and Eastern Europe in the heart of Budapest. A total of 22 hectares of land have been redeveloped within the project, with a total value of 800 million EUR, worth of more than 3.000 new homes, 100.000 square meters of office space and 50.000 square meters of commercial property inside and outside Corvin Plaza. The 800-meter-long pedestrian street designed by Robert Townsend, an English landscape architect, is one of the symbols of Budapest and a meeting point of 10.000 square meters.

Futureal Group will continue to focus on premium real estate developments in this area, such as the ongoing Corvin 7 project.



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