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Deeply hidden gems in Budapest’s office blocks

Jun 15th, 2016

Prepare to learn about office blocks in Budapest with beautiful parks and gardens in this article – these areas have become the symbols of new workplace trends and tendencies, as employees’ wellbeing is determined by a healthy work environment, motivation to exercise and (a possibility of) relaxation.


Office blocks and districts always have an advantage compared to “standalone” buildings, as there’s always an opportunity to connect the separate complexes with parks and green areas. Thus Infopark forms an enormous park, where buildings were moderately scattered around, while Central Europe’s biggest river, the Danube also runs nearby. Infopark defines itself as East-Central Europe’s first technology and innovation park, which is proven by the profiles of the companies that lease offices here – from the fields of information technology, telecommunications and software development. Among others, Lufthansa Systems’, IT-Services Hungary’s and the National Research, Development and Innovation Office’s have their offices located here, while the European Institute of Innovation & Technology has a seat in Building E. Infopark has a leasable area of around 100 000 m2, its buildings have been completed between the years 2002-2009, developed by IVG. The complex’s excellence in quality is demonstrated by the awards it has received: Building C and D both have several of them.


Officium, situated in Academy Park, offers an exciting mix of traditional and modern architecture to its clients. The real estate complex in the centre of Pasarét functioned as a military academy in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and despite that its recent history turned out to be quite controversial, it shouldn’t be ignored that it’s built on an exceptionally beautiful, partly landscaped ground of 12.4 acres. The buildings have a fantastic environment due to being surrounded by primal trees. Officium, developed by Market Zrt., was given several merits at the Oscars of architecture, the Property Awards in 2011, winning the title of Europe’s best office interior, also winning awards in two other categories (development and architecture). The international committee also awarded Academy Park’s other development, Trafó Offices. The three-level office complex reimagined in the style of Bauhaus, originally working as an electricity generator building, has won a five-star rating in the category of international architecture.

Central Udvar

Central Udvar is a three-building office complex in downtown Budapest, which has a total leasable office space of 13 000 m2. The property is quite literally situated in the heart of the city’s centre, as it can be found in the old Jewish quarters lined by streets Wesselényi and Síp. The area is nowadays part of the well-known party district, while its exceptionality is further elevated by the monumental environment, the nearby synagogue for example. You would probably think there’s not a single green spot here, but entering from the crowded and tumultuous street, you’ll be faced by a pleasant surprise: a real oasis. Even though the word itself is quite overused, it’s perfectly appropriate to describe Central Udvar, as its three buildings surround a park, where employees can relax and take a break on hectic workdays.

Átrium Park

Átrium Park can be found at Váci Corridoors with an area of 38 000 m2, and with its special shapes, it easily calls the attention of bystanders even from afar. Developed by WING, its most extraordinary feature is the enormous toughened glass wall which insulates the noise coming from Váci Avenue while also providing a view from the inner landscaped areas. The complex has five blocks and was opened in 2009, employees are able to take a brief rest or sip a nice coffee in its interior park. The inner garden and its waters, the archways and the atmospheric paths and walkways make up one of the biggest parks on Váci Avenue. If you decide to sit for a while in the gardens, it’s almost like hanging out in a quiet townhouse garden where nothing can disrupt your calm.

IP West Offices

IP West, completed in 2009, is situated in another very popular site (like Véci Avenue), in South-Buda, on Budafoki road. The complex – inaugurated in several phases – has a total leasable area of almost 30 000 m2 and has four separate blocks. Even though Budafoki road has an immense amount of daily traffic, and railroads run nearby, the interior garden located behind these buildings is a secret little world which grants relaxation and a nature-friendly professional environment. Green areas aren’t only limited to the 1500 m2 garden between the blocks, however:  spectacular terraces also await the employees, where an exquisite flora greets bystanders.




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