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Downtown office buildings - Best locations in Budapest

Jan 30th, 2018
Budapest top 5 location

One of the most important parameters of the office market is good location. It is important for companies to be easily accessible by public transport; even better if service centers, restaurants, cafes are nearby; the place is a precious area; and have a favorable working environment. Of course, price and quality are top priorities as well, but good location takes it all. There are excellent offices in almost every district in Budapest, but you can find some outstanding areas among them that we show you here. 

Váci Office Corridor

It is clearly the leading and dynamically developing location in Budapest. New office buildings emerge month after month, and demand for existing ones is growing. M3 Subway line makes these offices easily accessible for both workers and partners. Here are many high-end quality or green offices of Budapest. Váci Corner, Green House, Capital Square, Vision Towers, Agora Park, GTC Whitehouse - the line goes on and the popularity of the Váci office corridor is continuous.

District V.

The 5th district and its neighborhood, the absolute downtown of Budapest, is not only popular but also the most expensive location in the capital. There are high-quality and well-located offices here that are difficult to access due to their limited quantity. Kossuth Square and Szabadság Square are home to many embassies, and offices like the Bankcenter or the Deak Palace, the Roosevelt Office Building and the József Nádor Office Building.

Corvin Quarter

Corvin Quarter is also within easy reach, with easy access to public transport. Not only are new buildings available for offices, but old ones are also refurbished, and the neighborhood is also renewed. The Corvin promenade promotes itself as a "new downtown" and that has won many companies already. Corvin Office Park and Corvin Towers, as well as the new Nokia headquarters all add to the popularity of the neighborhood.


Bank of River Danube

The 9th district and the Danube bank line are also popular places in the office market. Although not part of the strictly called downtown area, it is still an important area for office workers. Recently more real estate has been rehabilitated and empty areas have been built in. Here are the new headquarters of Vodafone in the Millenium Tower office complex, and the high-quality Riverpark office building and many other options are residents of the area.


Addition: Although it does not count to Budapest downtown, it is worth pointing out South Buda, as those who are watching for office space here may also find places with excellent facilities.

This is the second most refined and popular place in Budapest. Here, we can speak of office parks, such as Infopark, but independent office buildings are also popular in the 11th district. This year news has been spread that MOL's new headquarters will be built here in an absolutely futuristic and exclusive new building. 

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