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Hungarian offices are evolving steadily

Feb 15th, 2016

The Office of the Year competition revealed that Budapest is the home of several exceptionally high quality, creative offices, indicating the strengthening of the economical environment and integration of Western methods.

Overall the competition received 41 entries which is a record high number, indicating that the office culture of Hungary is steadily developing.

As added value, talent and creativity gains a more important role in the lives of companies the importance of the well being of employees and providing a healthy working environment grows.

There are different types of offices according to their function – if the office receives customers regularly visuals gain great importance, but they are less of a main consideration if employees only do background work there. But overall both types are evolving in terms of quality and comfort.

Offices set up in regular apartments are experiencing a renaissance. Turn-of-the-century apartments provide a unique atmosphere which can be enhanced in a great way combining it with modern minimalistic solutions, creating truly outstanding working environments.

Another development of the competition is that offices outside Budapest were represented in a greater number than previous years. But even in the capital, which is traditionally considered the main location for larger offices shows a diverse picture. As there is no historical "office district" workplaces can be found all over the city.

Overall this year's Office of the Year competition showed that offices in Hungary are developing and applying modern, Western methods, creating more stimulating and comfortable working environments.




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