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Ideal Offices – Where Working is a Pleasure - Part Two - Creative Coworking Offices

Apr 25th, 2017
Creative Coworking Offices

Today there are several types of offices available for office rent in Hungary . Moreover, there are not only the traditional workstations. This mini-series takes a look at different types of offices. The first part deals with the so called coworking offices.

Coworking offices involve shared working environment in up-to-date office buildings. It is an attractive solution for work-at-home professionals, independent contractors or smaller businesses and start-ups. Coworking office is also the social gathering of a group of people, who although work independently, but are also interested in synergy. It is usually situated in the downtown and includes phone lines, printer, internet, and other office appliances.  Sometimes coffee-, tea consumption, meeting or conference rooms, bathrooms, child or pet care settings are also provided.

Coworking or serviced offices: two for one?

Although instant or serviced offices and coworking workstations have much in common, the two are somehow different. A serviced office provides the infrastructure to run a business individually too; coworking office has the potential to fuel collaboration and innovation. However, office tenants prefer combining both types. In a coworking office we can rent just a chair with a common desk but also a whole individual office and even a meeting room for a specified period and against payment.  Office tenants can choose from various packages referring to the duration of the rent as well as the infrastructure.

What are the benefits of the coworking offices?

  • starting up entrepreneurs can develop their social capital there
  • no need to work in isolation
  • office tenants can assist each other through their experience and expertise
  • inspiring and motivating work environment
  • expenses can be shared: not only one single person has to pay for a whole office rent and costs
  • typical office setting is guaranteed, such as comfortable furniture, modern design and interior, separated smaller meeting rooms
  • provides a great opportunity for smaller start-ups and smaller companies to spare on initial costs
  • helps to combat feeling of isolation between freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • boosts entrepreneurial mindset
  • encourages creative thinking and facilitates innovative ideas among young talented people

LOFFICE – The forerunner of the Hungarian coworking culture

The notion of coworking has started in the USA but now it is also becoming more common in Europe including Hungary. LOFFICE was the first Hungarian coworking office opened in the downtown of Budapest in 2015. Now there are 4 different LOFFICE coworking offices in the Hungarian capital rented mostly by financial, legal consultants, start-ups and creative sector.

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