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Introduction of the HillSide Office Building

Mar 19th, 2019

In the neighborhood of MOM Park, at the junction of the South and Central Buda, the HillSide Office Building was officially completed. The complex was developed by Sándor Scheer and György Wáberer, alongside their real estate development company, with 8 levels, 22,000 square meters of leasable office space and 500 square meters of lobby space. The city part stepped into a new era in business and residential areas, as the concept is elegant, represents a green perspective and fits into the cityscape.

The HillSide office building, besides being an excellent site-built project with exciting architectural and technological details, has also been awarded the LEED Gold certification. Difficulties encountered during the work have been solved with unique and creative ideas such as the design of a multi-function lobby, facade and large glass surfaces, and installing and highlighting green surfaces that define the entire building. The lobby is similar to the ground floor of a luxury hotel.

Developers commissioned a team of specialists to implement the project, an architecturally renowned team worked on the construction of the office building, where energy efficiency, security, and the green environment also played a major role alongside with developing the building's own identity.

Nowadays, an office building must also focus on the convenience of its employees, who will be fully satisfied with the variety of restaurants and cafes in the HillSide project. Sports and recreation facilities, fashion, food, electronics stores, post office for quick administration and other services can also be found. Alongside the building, various artworks were added to make the area more colorful.

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