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The Introduction of Liberty Office Building

Mar 14th, 2019

The construction of the Liberty Office Building, designed by DPi Design, will provide a great working environment for the employees, in addition it is next to Telekom's modern headquarter. The colorful ceramic facade and built-in glasshouse will make the environment even more enjoyable at the more than 40.000 square meters premium office and commercial environments, and even targeting the BREEAM Very Good qualification. In addition to the design, its placement is also very good, as it is in one of the fastest developing districts in Budapest.

The Liberty office building will be an 8-storey building with a total area of 40.000 square meters with an optimized transport system and efficient floor plan. In addition to representing a modern look, the ceramic facade also features shading functions, and under the office there is a four-storey underground garage with over 680 car parking spaces and 250 bicycle storage facilities.

Because the building targets the BREEAM Very Good qualification, special attention was paid to energy-efficient technologies and environmental awareness when designing the building. These include sun traps, garden buzzers, and the climate-faced greenhouse at the highest level. The extra services in office buildings are gaining more and more importance, as it is increasingly difficult for employers to find employees, so the new office building will also include rest, lounge, dining and co-working spaces. Quality of life has also been a priority, so meeting, working together and recreation are also promoted by suitable interiors. At the top level, the conservatory and the panoramic café make the facility even better.

"Our goal was to make it a daily source of joy for those working here. This is supported by the colorful, cheerful facade, the rich interior garden, the terraces on the office level, the winter garden with the super-view that we designed. In fact, we have also planned a runway on the roof." - said Tamás Pintér.

Liberty office building in district XI. will be the gateway to the city center for those arriving from the airport, as well as for the travelers with M3 metro. The public spaces in the area, such as Orczy Garden and Nehru Park, will be renewed, the renovation of the M3 metro station called Népliget will soon be completed, and the area will be enriched with a wide range of services by 2020, thanks to planned developments. New outdoor sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, exhibition halls and conference centers suitable for cultural meeting points will be established in the vicinity of Népliget. In the next two years, the new Transport Museum and Opera Workshop will be here, all of which will play a major role in the development of the city's urban atmosphere. The realization of Telekom's headquarters and the Liberty office building is a great step for WING to bring the surroundings of Népliget in the modern sub-market of the Budapest office market.

"With Liberty Office, WING realizes a large-scale and iconic office building in Budapest that defines the developing city, at the expected high standard," - said Noah Steinberg, President and CEO of WING Zrt.




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