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New Office Buildings Handed Over in Budapest

Dec 5th, 2018

We have reached the most dynamic period since 2011 in office rentals. Many new and spectacular office buildings were handed over in Budapest and we can expect growth in the next period.

Mill Park Office Building

With the development of Skanska, the Mill Park office complex, begun in 2016, has already completed its second building. The first half of the office complex, about 36.000 square meters, located in district IX. Soroksári Road, was built in May, and the employees of the T-system subsidiary have already moved in. A 538-seat three-storey underground garage and a 5.500-square-foot garden belong to a modern building that is unique in Budapest. 90 percent of the building has already been released, but it is still unclear who will be ready to move into the newly completed section.

Employees of the office complex will also be able to use the "Connected by Skanska" application for information on public transport, for example.

Erste Alapkezelő ZRT. (Fund Management) purchased the office complex for about 100 million euros, which is 32,5 billion HUF. After selling the Nordic Light Office, this is the second time Skanska sold its office space to Erste.

Ecodome Office Building

In the development of Redwood, the new office building of Buda, Ecodome, opened in district I. The building was named after "economic", that is, economic operation and "ecofriendly", or environmental-conscious signs, and built in the spirit of this. This office building has over 5.000 square meters of removable office space.

Telekom Headquarters

The nine-storey headquarter has more than 100.000 square meters, has been develpoed by WING Zrt. and built by Market Builder. This became Hungary's largest office building in one single building that provides jobs for more than 4.000 workers. Almost 1.000 professionals, 150 suppliers and subcontractors worked on the project for 28 months on average. In addition to the office area, there is a conference center, two restaurants, a fitness center and a jogging track. The gross floor area of the building is 105 thousand square meters and its division includes a garage, ground floor and 8 storey office space. There are also 50 electric car chargers here.

Advance Tower

Due to the easy access to the Advance Tower, today it's one of the most popular office locations in Budapest. The A-category office building, located in Váci Street, was designed by the Mérték Építészeti Stúdió, keeping in mind Futureal's expectations.

Underneath a garage can be found and the building adapts greatly to the values of environmental awareness and sustainability. There are several services in this building that help the convenience of the staff, including a cafe, a resting garden and a bicycle storage facility.



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