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The office of the 21st century explained

Feb 15th, 2016

Modern work culture baffles a lot of people who got used to the old ways. Open space, collaboration, break out – modern innovations of offices which we will now explain in detail.

Old-school offices focused on mainly individual needs of the workers. Everyone had their own desks, tools, equipment, but rarely the chance for true collaboration and offices certainly didn't make it their primary goal to provide an overall pleasing environment.

In the 21st century however the paradigm has changed. Now the main goal is to put the employees in an environment where they can not only work efficiently on their own but also feel good about where they are and interact with others more easily if needed.

Open space or open plan office is a concept that literally tore down the walls. Workers don't get to hide in their offices, behind shut doors, because most of the workstations are placed in one big open room, separate only by the likes of racks, equipment etc.

Actually open space was a popular concept a century ago, replaced later with individual cubicles and small offices, but the modern era rediscovered it. They are especially popular where people are doing creative jobs, like at newspapers, because it is a great way for the employees to inspire each other.

We have mentioned the cubicle, which became quite infamous over the last few years. Its goal was to provide more personal space, more intimacy for the workers, but the effects were mostly counter-effective, cutting off people from one another.

A break out is a kind of space in an office which does not have a strict function. You can sit down and have a break, have a coffee with someone, brainstorm, make informal chat. Here you can usually find comfortable furniture to sit or lay back on.

The lounge is a space which is meant to provide comfort for employees, a more informal space where colleagues can have dinner, sit down to talk, even have meetings with partners and guests. It is meant to feel more like home than a workplace, complete with plants, vivid colors, comfortable furniture, a kitchen and so on.

An innovation lab is something new which is used by mostly companies who focus on research and development, creative tasks. Everything in these areas separate from the common workplace serves creativity, ideal for brainstorming.





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