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Pioneer Solutions at Futureal's Office Buildings

Feb 12th, 2018
Picture: Advance Tower on Váci Corridor

Futureal presented the future office buildings at a grand event. In the revolutionary new approaches of the 21st century, a healthy work environment, employee welfare and the WELL system play an important role. This was presented through the three projects currently running by the company. The almost-finished top of Advance Tower stylishly hosted the event. The other two major developments of the company are the Corvin 5 building and the Budapest One office park.

"The Futureal Group is committed to implementing all its future developments in accordance with WELL's guidelines, as part of environmental awareness, while health of the users of the building should be considered as one of the most important factors in design. LEED and BREEAM qualification systems are complemented by WELL Building a uniform system that results in the creation of prominent buildings on the whole spectrum of environmental awareness", explained Tibor Tatár, CEO of Futureal.

The company will implement its new office buildings in accordance with aspects favorable to the health and mood of workers. Statistical data show that air pollution is responsible for the early death of 7 million people worldwide. The International WELL Building Intitute seated in Washington is designed to ensure that office buildings have a positive impact not only on the environment, but also on the health and comfort of their employees.

Picture: Budapest One

This system is incorporated in Futureal's three developments in Hungary. There are 34 office buildings in the world with WELL certification. Futureal Group is currently the first European developer that received WELL Platina pre-qualification. Furthermore, the company received the pre-awards at the same time: Advace Tower on the Váci Corridor, Budapest One on Kelenföld and Corvin Promenade Corvin 5 office complex – all three in Hungary, Budapest.

Picture: Corvin 5

"In the office buildings, the air quality is better than average, strictly regulated by the air technology system, the higher quality, regularly inspected drinking water that complies with the WELL requirements, the more stringent national standards than international standards, the more accessible nutrition options, and the emergence of arts and nature will await employees so that their mental and physical condition can keep their daily work more efficiently," said Gábor Radványi, Chief Architect of Futureal, Vice President of the Hungarian Environmental Design Building Association (HUGBC).




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