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The Third Nordic Light is on its Way to Váci Road

Apr 12th, 2019
Nordic Light Trio

The last phase of the new office building called Nordic Light Trio will be built at the Váci Road office corridor.

The Nordic Light office complex, designed by Paulinyi-Reith & Partners, is located on a 2,500 squaremeters gross area as a continuation of the complex. The complete set of shapes is being carried through the Scandinavian building. In September last year, the construction of the third, final phase of the Nordic Light office complex was launched on the site of Véső Street and Visegrádi Street.

“Our goal in the design was to make the new building united with the existing building parts, creating them as a clear continuity. In its external appearance, we achieved the same door and ceiling heights with the same color usage,” said Dr. Gergely Paulinyi, President and CEO of Paulinyi-Reith & Partners.

The soul of the building is the multifunctional inner courtyard, which continues to grow with the new investment, as different parts of the building can be accessed through it, as well as being a community space. Suitable for relaxation and work, consisting of separate parts, filled with green spaces between buildings. People living in the area can also enjoy the garden thanks to good garden links.

The facade lanes on the 5th and 6th floors further increase the proportion of green space. They all contribute to the well-being of employees and to a more pleasant microclimate. In the lobby with cozy wood paneling, Scandinavian architecture is strongly present, which is typical of Skanska, but the northern minimalism can be felt in clean forms and functionalist space usage as well. The greatest emphasis was placed on designing comfortable working spaces. The spaces are designed according to the traditional 1.35 meter office cluster and are positioned to let in as much natural light as possible during the day.

The first two stages of the complex developed by Skanska are completed here, as the application of sustainable architectural solutions is the most important to ensure prosperity. This is proven by the goal to recieve LEED and WELL ratings. Dr. András Reith, Director of Sustainability at Paulinyi-Reith & Partners, said: "In order to meet the building qualification standards, we have applied energy-efficient mechanical solutions such as a cooling system for heat recovery, which contributes to the heating of the building in winter. "

The energy demand of the building is 25 percent lower than the Hungarian average, approaching the inclusion of the zero external energy source. "As with the first two phases, the right material use was also an important consideration here, which is not only important for the environment, but also for the health of the users," he added.

Solutions for an environmentally conscious lifestyle include a large bicycle storage room with changing room and shower, or an electric car charging station. The design of the stairwells also encourages workers to walk instead of using the elevator.

The data of the first two buildings were examined by the architects of P-R & P and the conclusions are included in the design of the new phase. The project is also special, because it is the first IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) contract that has been signed between the parties in the Central and Eastern European region for development in Hungary and Skanska. This means that they take responsibility and risk together to achieve the targets in the contract, and share success, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of the entire project.



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