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The Tulip will be the new architectural wonder of London

Nov 27th, 2018
The Tulip will be the new architectural wonder of London

The Tulip is a 305-meter tall flower-shaped tower with rotating gondolas and a huge look-out tower in the design of Foster + Partners. It will be built next to the skyscraper called Gherkin.

One of the most iconic buildings in England, the Gherkin was handed over in 2004 designed by Sir Norman Foster and built by Skanska. However, Gherkin now gets a neighbor with the design of Foster + Partner, which is called Tulip. This could be London's tallest licensed building. 

Structurally, this peculiar building will look like a tulip, the glass bridges, the glass walls of the petals, and the bubbles on them will serve to give the visitor the chance to admire London from above. The concrete shaft provides a durable support for a steel-framed, high-performance glass-enclosed observation building. At its widest point the observation deck would be 34.5 meters, and the concrete shaft would be 14.3 meters. The design recalls the London Eye’s rotating leg and the panorama restaurant that once was on top of the BT Tower.

At the base there is a two-level entrance pavilion and a rooftop garden next to the "pocket park". The green walls increase the area of green surfaces 8.5 times, architects said. Photovoltaic cells produce on-site energy, the Tulip is heated and cooled with less polluting zero burning energy. 

It is planned that 20,000 London students per year will be able to visit the facility with their teachers. It will serve as a kind of cultural center. There is also a bar and a restaurant with 360-degree views..

The Foster + Partners project was designed for J Safra Group, privately owned banks and Gherkin's investment firms. Norman Foster called the project a London-based, progressive, predictable building.

If plans are to be approved, the lookout tower will be ready in 2020 and will be opened in 2025.

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