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What Is The Ideal Office?

Aug 29th, 2019
what is the ideal office

The value of human labor is increasingly appreciated, and labor shortages are a constant problem in Hungary, not only in the construction industry. This is the reason why employers create a better working environment for their employees with better salaries.

Together with the four office buildings handed over in the past 3 months, modern office space in Budapest has grown to 3,654,180 square meters, according to BRF. The vacancy rate fell to 6.3 percent, which represents a quarterly decline of 0.8 percentage points.

Growth rate of new office supply has been low in recent quarters, despite many construction projects, but this is likely to change. The stock of the capital may grow significantly in the coming years.


Buildings in developed countries account for 40 percent of energy consumption, so energy awareness has also become very important in offices. The BREEAM and LEED certification systems are designed to assess this.

The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assesment Method (BREEAM) has been awarded to 2.25 million buildings in 77 countries since 1990. The certification assesses the building's structure, design and sustainable performance. You can achieve "pass", "good", "very good", "excellent" and "outsanding" ratings.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, also known as LEED, has the advantage of being applicable without prior accreditation to any country in the world. The other difference is that it can be used in any area, whatever the state of the building.

The goal of both systems is to create buildings that are as environmentally friendly as possible. There is a large overlap between the two systems; if one building is awarded excellent in one, it will achieve similar results in the other. Dual certification is also possible, but due to its financial implications it is rarely used.

Workers' well-being

WELLBEING emphasizes human factors such as the comfort and health of workers. Such office buildings are designed to provide as much community space as possible, and the workstations are comfortable and well-equipped for employees. Doctors and psychologists are often involved in setting up such offices with the aim of making the best possible impact on the environment. This results in reduced fluctuation and increased efficiency.

Office rentals

Office rent in Budapest has increased in recent years. Buda center, South Buda and Váci út are the most expensive, here the average price may be 14-15 EUR, but the figures are higher for A + category buildings.

For the employee

An employee's workstation costs roughly 185 EUR a month, when in a modern office building a person has 10 square meters of office space and is calculated at a rent of 15 EUR and a running cost of 4 EUR. This is not too high compared to the wages of international companies. It is worthwhile for companies to put great emphasis on creating quality offices, reducing fluctuations and increasing employee satisfaction, which helps to make work more efficient.



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