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World famous company plans MOL's new skyscraper on Kopaszi dam

Oct 17th, 2017
MOL's new skyscraper on Kopaszi dam

London's "Gherkin", Millennium Footbridge, Reichstag Rebuilt, MOL Headquarters in Budapest ... May the line be continued like this, if the new building complex designed for MOL Group will be built in Budapest, at Kopaszi dam. The world famous architectural office Foster & Partners, which is also known for the aforementioned famous buildings, plans the project. If the breathtaking scenarios planned by Foster & Partners are realized, the monumental building complex can be a new iconic building in Budapest.


Foster & Partner was founded by Norman Foster in 1967, and since then they has become one of the most renowned design offices in the world with a team that is both “ethnically and culturally diverse”.As can be read on their website, sustainability is the keyword for them.They designed Saudi Arabia's first skyscraper, the 240,000-square-meter Al Faisaliah Complex, Citibank and HSBC London, Frankfurt's Commerzbank, Ernst and Young's Amsterdam headquarters, and the Varso Palace, furthermore there are still a number of unique office buildings, cultural buildings, railway stations, airports, educational centers, health centers, industrial design centers, development centers, mixed use buildings, buildings designed for sale, urban design achievements and many other projects that were dreamed by the studio.

MOL Campus

According to plans made by the world famous design office, the new headquarters of MOL Campus could be described by the following measurements.

MOL Campus Interior

  • Its height will be significantly elevated from the Kopaszi dam area by 120 meters.
  • There are 2500 workstations on the 28 floors of the three-story campuses.
  • It will have total area of 83 thousand square meters.
  • Foster & Partners is designing a Leed and Breeam-rated building, which plays an important role in displaying natural light and creating a number of green areas such as breathtaking winter gardens.
  • They also think of visitors, as a public terrace will give the visitor the opportunity to see from this unique tower the city of Budapest.
  • If plans are accepted, the building will be finished by 2021.

It is not unique that a larger company installs all its departments in a single building; think of KPMG Vision Tower, Nokia’s new office building in Budapest, the Magyar Telekom headquarters at the Könyves Kálmán boulevard Budapest or as an overseas example the Apple headquarters.

MOL Campus View

Implementing such a plan can make communication within the company easier and make it more cost-effective.For now, it is not yet known what a future is waiting for the building of the present MOL Headquarter, but Zsolt Hernádi, President and CEO of the MOL Group, declared that the demolition of the 50-year-old building is a possibility as well. 


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