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This Year the First Stage of Budapest ONE can be Completed

Jul 12th, 2019
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The implementation of the iconic structure of the western gate of Budapest, Budapest ONE is underway. Those arriving by train or car to Budapest see at its entrance this flower-shaped building, designed to give a good first impression of the capital. The railway, the M4 subway, the junction of the M1 and M7 motorways will surround the project. The agglomeration will take 15-20 minutes, while the city center is only 10 minutes away.

However, the design and position of Paulinyi-Reith & Partners' architects was much more important. "The unusual shape of the waving building is the result of optimization supported by parametric design. The design of the office building was designed with the help of simulations to create the best form of sunshine, solar potential, airflow and other important aspects," said Dr. Paulinyi. Gergely President and CEO.

Rethinking the concept of traditional office buildings

Companies are increasingly focusing on the development of office space, and therefore on the convenience of their employees, as it also plays a major role in business.

"Office building is a permanent process that needs to be aligned not only with the company's business, organizational, HR, and other goals, but also with employee needs, well-being, and workflows. The office is not a place to suffer but an important tool for business goals".

The design of Budapest ONE was influenced by two international certification principles.

"It is important to have convenient and fast access to trends, formability, harmonious, sustainable, comfortable and healthy working environment, and extensive commercial services," said Gábor Radványi, chief architect of Futureal, who develops the building.

The Budapest ONE office building was designed with the principles of BREAAM (Sustainability, Environmentally Friendly) and WELL (Workers' Welfare) Qualification Standards.

The highest rating of the WELL, also known as platinum, has already been awarded to the project. This has been helped by services such as energy-saving, intelligent central building management, green roof garden, meditation room, bicycle storage room with shower, anhydrous nanotechnology car wash and electric car charger, and a panoramic runway at the top of the building. Fresh air and quality drinking water will also be provided by the building, and the dining hall will also favor healthy eating. Natural light and barrier-free access will all serve the comfort of the workers.

In addition to the workers, half a hectare of green space is open to those who pass through the area, and shops and cafés are being constructed on 2,600 square meters.

With an office access card, you can enter the Budapest ONE Office Building through a metal gate, around 350-400 people working every day on the building. In the first phase, 40 percent of the building will be completed, but it is also remarkably large. The building will accommodate 25,000 square meters of office space on 8 floors, and will accommodate 2,600 square meters of commercial and service facilities, including a 3-floor garage. The ground floor will be 4.5 meters high, from which the floor and the suspended ceiling will occupy. The facade consists of 2,200 elements, but more can be expected in stages 2 and 3.

The highest point of the office building is 40 meters. Next to the runway, there is a green resting area at the top of the building. The view speaks for itself, the Gellért Hill and the hills of Buda are both visible from the building.



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