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Construction of the Liberty Office Building has Begun

Sep 20th, 2019
WING Zrt. started the construction of Liberty office building in early September. The new building will be located next to Telekom's headquarters on eight floors and 42,000 square meters. Premium offices and retail space will be available to tenants.Colorful "baguettes" placed on the facade of the...
Liberty Office Building


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Time Management - Determining How Much Your Time Is Really Worth -part 3

Mar 23rd, 2016
Part 3: Expected value methods Not all uses of time are equal and this simple truth can make a big difference in life. This article of 3 parts explains how to figure out what your time is worth and use that information to spend your time more effectively. This is the final part of the series.     Expected Value Methods can help you Make big, strategic decisions about where to spend your time. What projects should your business focus on this year? Which uses of time aren’t effective and should...

Time Management - Determining How Much Your Time Is Really Worth - part 1

Mar 23rd, 2016
Part One: The value of time   Not all uses of time are equal and this simple truth can make a big difference in life. This article of 3 parts explains how to figure out what your time is worth and use that information to spend your time more effectively.       People who spend their time effeciently doing more profitable work - make more money investing in others - build better relationships creating a flexible career - enjoy more freedom working on high-impact projects - contribute more to...

Time Management -- Determining How Much Your Time Is Really Worth -part 2

Mar 23rd, 2016
Part 2: Realized Income Methods   Realized Income Methods can be used to calculate the value of your time, which will help you make better decisions about how to spend money on day-to-day purchases.       You need two numbers: The amount of time you spend to earn money. The amount of money you earn during that time. Step 1: How to track your time The first step is to measure the total amount of time you invest to earn money, not just the hours you are physically at work.  You should add in any...

Offices of the future: upcoming projects in Budapest

Mar 22nd, 2016
According to the data provided by the Budapest Property Consultants Coordination Forum, the total amount of office spaces to rent has increased by 50 885 square metres last year – which is 25.4% less than the figures of 2014, but luckily more and more projects are being announced and are in the construction phase. That means an abundance of new buildings inaugurated this year and in the upcoming few years. According to BIEF’s quarterly report, the total amount of office spaces available and in...

Roosevelt - House of Business

Mar 22nd, 2016
  Sensational News: A Premium A+ category Office Building opens in less than 2 months in the most exclusive part of Budapest   It has to be the best office building ever in Hungary!   In May House of Business, brand new serviced office business center will be opened in the most prestigious and scenic part of Budapest. The premium A+ category office building sets in the most magnificent part of the capital, against the beautifully restored historic backdrop of Széchenyi Square and the amazing...

5 Ways You're Wasting Time Without Even Realizing It

Mar 22nd, 2016
We all waste time but it is painful in workplaces. According to recent data, the vast majority of employees know they waste 30 minutes or more every day, with 4 % wasting half the day or more. “I believe that, but that’s not me. I’m not the type of person who wastes time.” If at this point you’re thinking it to yourself, this is because you don’t waste time deliberately -- unfortunately, most forms of wasting time are sneaky and go beneath your notice until it’s too late to do anything about...

Gigantic business park to be built on Váci Avenue

Mar 21st, 2016
2015 was a very successful year for HB Reavis’ Group’s Hungarian subsidiary. HB Reavis is the top developer company in Central Europe, and its first project in Hungary, the Váci Corner Offices has already been named as the country’s most eco-friendly office block. Váci Corner Offices is operating at a 96% rental rate, but HB Reavis doesn’t plan on pulling the breaks: they’re preparing one of the most defining developments for the upcoming years. The past year was a very memorable chapter in HB...

Healthy, Creative Offices of High Standards in Hungarian Real Estate Market

Feb 17th, 2016
World-class tenders   ”The Office of the Year” contest (Az Év Irodája) broke records as 84 world-class tenders arrived in seven categories, including 41 offices in eponymic category and almost 300 real estate experts were present at the Award Gala in the Museum of Applied Arts. The professional jury handed out 11 awards in 7 categories. Audience could also vote in each category.   Office environments of higher standards   The high number of the applicants proved that healthy, creative...
green certificate

Office Buidings in Budapest Received Internationally Accepted Green Certification

Feb 17th, 2016
Three office buildings of IMMOFINANZ in Budapest – Szépvölgyi Business Park, Greenpoint7 and Central Business Center – obtained BREEAM In-Use cetification. BREEAM In-Use (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is the world’s longest established internationally accepted method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings and assists builders and owners reduce cost effectively and adopt sustainable solutions.  All the three buildings received...

Hungarian offices are evolving steadily

Feb 15th, 2016
The Office of the Year competition revealed that Budapest is the home of several exceptionally high quality, creative offices, indicating the strengthening of the economical environment and integration of Western methods. Overall the competition received 41 entries which is a record high number, indicating that the office culture of Hungary is steadily developing. As added value, talent and creativity gains a more important role in the lives of companies the importance of the well being of...


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