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How businessmen can enter Hungary now?

Sep 16th, 2020
Good news: you can still get entry to Hungary if you are planning a business travel from the EU, the European Economic Area and many more countries. You only need documents that verify the purpose of your travel.  Let us guide you with the latest news and all the necessary steps. UPDATED...


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Morgan Stanley has a wonderful new office at the shores of the Danube

Jul 5th, 2016
Morgan Stanley has expanded its Budapest headquarters with additional office spaces. The new addition, situated in Millennium Towers’ Building I., is supporting the appropriate functioning of the company’s Hungarian subsidiary, while also providing an opportunity for further growth. The new office was inaugurated by the global corporation’s two international senior officials: Sue Watts, the CAO of the EMEA region, and Steve Lieblich, the Global Director of the company’s Technology Division.   “...

What will become of Bem Palace?

Jun 20th, 2016
On June 2nd, 2016, the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest and its Department of Cultural Heritage, part of the Major Department of Architecture and Cultural Heritage, Authority, Education and Legal Control, as the inspection body, has withdrawn the building consent regarding Bem Palace Project, issued in September 2010 by the Central-Hungarian office of the National Office of Cultural Heritage. HB Reavis Group has immediately stopped the ongoing demolition works after receiving the...

Deeply hidden gems in Budapest’s office blocks

Jun 15th, 2016
Prepare to learn about office blocks in Budapest with beautiful parks and gardens in this article – these areas have become the symbols of new workplace trends and tendencies, as employees’ wellbeing is determined by a healthy work environment, motivation to exercise and (a possibility of) relaxation. Infopark Office blocks and districts always have an advantage compared to “standalone” buildings, as there’s always an opportunity to connect the separate complexes with parks and green areas....
fight against burnout

10 Ways to Fight Burnout

May 24th, 2016
If you recognize many of the symptoms we listed in the previous part in yourself, don’t worry. Fighting burnout is a simple matter of self-care. The following will help you to accomplish this. 1. Disconnect Disconnecting is the most important burnout strategy on this list, because if you can’t find time to remove yourself electronically from your work, then you’ve never really left work. Making yourself available to your work 24/7 exposes you to a constant barrage of stressors. 2. Pay attention...

10 Signs You're Burning Out

May 12th, 2016
  Before you can treat and even prevent burnout, you need to recognize the warning signs so that you’ll know when it’s time to take action. Here they are, in no particular order.   1. Health problems Burnout has a massive, negative impact upon your physical and mental health. Whether you’re experiencing back pain, heart disease, obesity, or you’re just getting sick a lot, you need to consider the role your work is playing in this.   2. Cognitive difficulties Research shows that stress hammers...

Project of the Year: a university campus and a green oasis in the heart of Budapest

May 10th, 2016
As a part of the Office of the Year competition, the winner in the Developed Project of the Year category turned out to be CEU’s re-building program, which is a unique development-renewal arrangement right in Budapest’s city centre.       The project contains the renewal and the reconfiguration of CEU’s 6 buildings with a total area of 35 000 m2. The project’s main goal is to regroup the now scattered and distant science and administrative units and relocate them – this will enable the...

Váci Greens wins „New Real Estate Development of the Year” award

Apr 25th, 2016
The „Office of the Year” awards honoured Váci Greens’ Building C in the New Real Estate Development of the Year category. Building C has been already inhabited by General Electric, GE’s Global Operations and Healthcare branches are located there. Atenor took a big risk when the company announced its mega-project in 2008 – in the middle of the recession –, regarding the construction of an office complex at the popular site of the Váci Corridor. The project entitled Váci Greens has been...

Rebirth of Old Office Buildings in Budapest

Apr 13th, 2016
The previous article introduced some aged office buildings renovated into much-needed office centers and condominium. Due to the renewal and upgrade their occupancy and competitiveness have improved. Now let’s take a look at other developments in Budapest! Medimpex Offices The 3,300 sq m office building is located on the most beautiful part of downtown; on the Vörösmarty Square is an elderly historical site, converted into a business complex in 1999.  The monument building was built in 1928 and...

New, Exlcusive Clothes for Old Office Buildings in Budapest

Apr 12th, 2016
The rise of office market can be realized not only in its growing new developments but old offices have also been renovated and redeveloped  focusing on the aesthetics, architecture to meet the potential, 21st century tenants’ needs. The occupancy rate of the restored modern serviced offices keeps increasing. Let’s have a look at some recent projects.   Pódium Office Building  The property was built in 1993, which means that it was high time for renovation. The 5700 sq m office space for rent...

Budapest has bested its regional competitors

Apr 11th, 2016
The provisional progress for 2016 contains a single-number vacancy rate and an investment revenue of 1 billion euros in the Hungarian capital. The office market in Budapest saw a significant rise in pre-leases, reaching a number last experienced in 2009 – a total area of 121 000 m2 –, while there were hardly any office spaces left to rent. 2015 was the year that Budapest surpassed its regional competitors, Warsaw and Prague with regards to vacancy rates. The growing demands on the office market...


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